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A: There are three components to the online RN to BSN Track at NSC
  1. Associate’s degree/General Education: 47 credit hours (Block Transfer of 38 hours – no course-by-course evaluation)
  2. 37 credits for prior learning are awarded after successfully passing the NCLEX, completion of NURS 409, and applying for graduation
  3. Nursing Core: 36 hours
A: Yes, the BSN degree requires ENG 102: Composition II, MATH 120: Fundamentals of College Mathematics or higher, and CH 203: American Experience & Constitutional Change. You should try to take these courses as soon as possible, if you have not already satisfied them, so that you can focus on your Nursing coursework. You may take these courses concurrently to your Nursing coursework; however, MATH 120 serves as a prerequisite to specific Nursing courses, so we recommend that you try to fulfill this requirement towards the beginning of your degree. Should you choose to take these courses before you begin the RN to BSN track, this may add to your time to completion.

Please note that the General Education courses are offered at the same tuition rate as the Nursing core courses.
A: CH 203: American Experience & Constitutional Change is a requirement for all students in the online RN to BSN track. It can be taken concurrently with NURS courses. Students can fulfill this requirement:
  • All in-state students will have satisfied Nevada Government, as this is a Nevada State Higher Education requirement
  • Out-of-state students can fulfill Gov't requirement portion via History or Political Science taken previously, but PSC 100 will need to be completed – Nevada Government (1 credit hour, online every session, 7-8 weeks). As an alternative, out-of-state students can take CH 203 (online every 3rd session, 7-8 weeks).
A: Your degree plan is completed up to 4 weeks after ALL TRANSCRIPTS are received by NSC. Once this is completed, please refer to your NSC Portal for a review of this degree plan. For any questions regarding evaluation of your credits and your progress toward degree completion, please contact the NSC Academic Advising Center at 702-992-2160 and let them know you are an online RN to BSN student in order to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TIMING: An admission decision will be rendered once NSC has received your transcript with your Associate’s degree posted, but your Gen Ed evaluation will not be completed until ALL of your official transcripts have been received. Admitted students are automatically registered in their first nursing course, so this may result may result in you being registered in your first Nursing course prior to receiving our Gen Ed evaluation. If you want a final evaluation prior to starting your Nursing courses, you must apply and submit all transcripts at least 4-6 weeks prior to your planned enrollment term to allow for adequate processing time.
A: Once you have submitted your application, application fee, official transcript with your Associate’s degree or Diploma posted, and state identification, your application will be reviewed and your acceptance will be determined, usually within 48 hours of file completion. Please review your email and/or your NSC Portal. If you have not heard back within one business week, contact Nevada State College directly at 844-749-8045.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Gen Ed evaluation will not be completed until ALL official transcripts have been received, which can take up to 4 weeks. However, if you have been admitted, you will be automatically registered in your first Nursing course. If you would like to review your evaluation prior to being registered in a course, be sure to apply and submit your transcripts at least 4-6 weeks prior to your intended start term.
A: Yes, there are several prerequisites and sequences for Nursing courses that are important for you to understand so you can complete your degree in a timely fashion.
  1. EdReady placement is a prerequisite for MATH 120. (See below for more details on EdReady.)
  2. MATH 120: Fundamentals of College Mathematics must be completed before NURS 330: Biostatistics for Nursing
  3. NURS 330: Biostatistics for Nursing is a prerequisite for NURS 451: Scholarly Inquiry of Nursing
  4. Your required first Nursing Course in NURS 409: Theory of Caring Science
  5. Your required final Nursing Course is NURS 463: Synthesis of Professional Nursing
A: RN to BSN students who do not have an intermediate algebra transfer course equivalent must complete EdReady with a score of 100 in order to place into the online section of MATH 120.

EdReady is a free, online learning platform that motivated students can use to fill in the gaps in their math knowledge. EdReady contains videos and learning materials to prepare you for completion of your Math requirement.

Once students reach the required 100 score on EdReady, they should email [email protected] requesting permission into the Math 120 online section.
A: Yes. Students who are not currently working in a clinical setting will need to meet with their professor on completing such assignments within this curriculum. These assignments begin in NURS 409: Theory of Caring Science and continue at various points throughout the curriculum. Students may work directly with community agencies or previous clinical instructors/sites in lieu of a current employer, if necessary, to complete particular course assignments.
A: For your first RN to BSN course, you will automatically be enrolled into NURS 409: Theory of Caring Science, usually within 24 hours of admission decision. If you would like to add a second course, you may self-register via the NSC Portal. Students are not auto-enrolled in any additional courses and must self-register for all other courses. Enrollment in two courses in a term makes a student eligible for Financial Aid.

For students wishing to restart courses who have enrolled in NURS 409 in a previous term, but are still within one calendar year of their original admission, can update their entry term and being auto-enrolled for NURS 409 again. This is done by accessing the NSC Entry Term Update Form on the NSC Registrar's Office website, under Forms.
A: Payment for courses is to be made by the Friday BEFORE the first day of the course. For specifics on each term, please visit the Calendar. To determine the payment amount you will owe, please visit your NSC Portal. There you can view payment options and make your payments in the review/pay account screen.
A: The orientation course is associated with NURS 409: Theory of Caring Science, which is your first course in the track. The orientation itself is not graded, but completion of this will earn a badge for NURS 409 when you complete all of the components of the online orientation. This course shares sample degree plans and a review of support services available at NSC. The online orientation course can be found in your NSC Portal by selecting the Online Courses (Webcampus/Canvas) button on the left side, then selecting the RN to BSN Orientation course.
A: Students may drop or withdraw from a course(s) and receive a 100 percent refund up until the last day of registration. Dropping a course(s) may affect a student’s financial aid.

After the last day of registration, up until 60 percent of the course instruction has occurred, students may drop or withdraw a course(s) with a “W” grade posted on the transcript. Refer to the academic calendar and your student center on NSC Portal for 50 percent refund dates.

Students are not permitted to drop/withdraw from courses after 60 percent of the course instruction has occurred. A grade of “F” will be assigned for the unofficial drop/withdrawal.

Students with extenuating circumstances may file a petition for a “W” or “I” grade on one or more courses or withdraw completely from the college in lieu of the “F” grade assigned for unofficial drop/withdrawal. In both cases, students must adhere to NSC’s policy for incomplete grades and complete withdrawal from the college.

Extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to:
  • Deployment of the student in the United States Armed Forces
  • Death or incapacitation resulting from illness or injury to the student or the student’s spouse, child, parent, or legal guardian that prevents the student from returning to the school for the remainder of the semester
  • Involuntary job transfer outside of the service area of the institution as documented by employer
  • Other exceptional circumstance beyond the control of the institution or the student
It is the responsibility of the student to officially drop any class(es) he or she is not attending. You can drop the course online under your NSC Portal or by contacting the Office of Admissions & Records at [email protected] or 702-992-2110.

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