Nevada RNs now have an affordable option for earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) online through Nevada State College. Our RN to BSN online program allows you to continue working and fulfilling personal responsibilities while earning a degree. This high-quality, low-cost degree program teaches you the skills and knowledge you need for long-term success in the nursing field. As a student, you can quickly meet program requirements and begin benefiting from your new credential. In our program, you will learn nursing theory that will enhance your practice and expand your career opportunities.

Affordable Tuition for Nevada Residents

At Nevada State College, our uniquely designed 36-credit online RN to BSN costs $7,650 for Nevada residents, and we welcome out-of-state students with an affordable $8,900 tuition fee. At these rates, you pay less out of pocket than for other programs and can reduce or even forego student loan debt. This may make attending school even more accessible for our students who have other financial responsibilities.

Not only is our RN to BSN online program affordable, it is flexible to fit your lifestyle. Students are able to work full time and study part time. You may adapt your education depending on your schedule and the responsibilities you have outside of school. RNs who are accepted into our program may also qualify for financial aid, making this degree even more attainable.

Your personal tuition costs may vary depending on your experience, educational background, and other information. Financial aid is available for students enrolled in six credit hours each semester who meet other requirements. Required general education courses or class retakes will incur additional fees.

Thorough Nursing Education

A BSN will help you advance your nursing career and qualify you for positions you are ineligible for now. Our program teaches a variety of important nursing skills and theories including health informatics, caring for aging populations, and leadership. You will take courses on statistics, healthcare policy, health assessment, and other key aspects of the nursing practice. With a background in these and other areas, you will have new knowledge and skills employers highly value. We are passionate about preparing you to better meet the needs of the healthcare industry, and more importantly, the patients it serves.

With mentoring and instruction from our talented, experienced nursing faculty, you gain insight into how you want your career to develop in the future. You will be prepared to pursue leadership opportunities at a healthcare organization or in an academic setting.

Whatever path you choose, earning a BSN can help you reach your goals and continue a great career in the nursing field. Demand for RNs is expected to grow 16 percent through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth rate is significantly faster than the average rate for all professions. As BSN trained nursing staff becomes standard in hospitals and facilities across the nation, job prospects for graduates will continue to broaden beyond what is available to nurses who lack this credential.

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