Are you a registered nurse looking for lasting personal and professional fulfillment? By pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at Nevada State College, you can enjoy a renewed sense of commitment to your profession and join a select group of college-educated Nevada residents. A college degree is a significant accomplishment and can help you earn more money, find a better job, and contribute in even more meaningful ways to your community. You may have chosen your profession because you want to help other people and be challenged. Earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing will give you further opportunity to build upon your experience in the field, exceed your goals, and build a fulfilling life caring for others in their most vulnerable moments.

Your Personal Achievement and Rewarding Career

Be proud of achieving a BSN at Nevada State. Among Nevada residents aged 25 and older, only 22.4 percent held a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2015, according to RCG Economics. As a graduate, you will be recognized by many for your advanced education and skillset. Be rewarded personally and socially as your accomplishment in baccalaureate-level education transforms your career and your life.

Well-educated nurses are respected members of their communities. Americans are looking for answers to tomorrow’s biggest health problems — chronic illness, expensive prescriptions, and limited access to healthcare, to name a few. Nurses play leading roles in advancing the future of healthcare. As a degree-holding nurse, you are qualified to pursue leadership opportunities and change your local community for the better. By advancing your nursing practice, you will become more effective in your role and improve patient outcomes. Demonstrate your dedication to nursing through the Nevada State College online RN to BSN program and be the difference for the patients you serve as you help transform healthcare on a broader scale.

Advance Your Career with a Nevada State College BSN

Are you looking to earn more than your high school diploma allows? A Nevada State College Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will provide you with in-demand skills and experience that can help you find a better job with a higher salary potential. This degree sets you apart from ADN- and diploma-prepared nurses who are competing for the same positions. With more hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare employers seeking BSN graduates, you can improve your odds of finding and keeping a great job.

Enjoy a more fulfilling nursing career with increased flexibility, autonomy, pay, and advancement opportunities. Successful completion of our online RN to BSN program separates you into a unique, elite group of Nevada residents. With the significant achievement of a bachelor’s degree from Nevada State College, you demonstrate your dedication and strong work ethic, and position yourself as a highly-desired BSN-prepared nurse in Nevada and nationwide.

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