Dawn Koonkongsatian, Lecturer

Dawn Koonkongsatian NSC Faculty

"Nursing requires a fire in your belly, a passion, but also a cool, clear, head. It needs determination to overcome the emotional highs and lows and persistence, patience, and love for self. Balance is crucial for the commitment to life-long learning this profession demands."

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Degrees Held:

  • PhD – University of Colorado, Expected Completion 2020
  • MSN Ed – University of Phoenix, 2010
  • BSN – University of Phoenix, 2008
  • RN diploma – West Suffolk NHS Trust Hospital, 1992

Career Highlights:

Poster presentations:

  • OnCourse Learning - Nephrology Certification Review Course December 2016
  • Continuing Education Credit for Nephrology Personnel - Updated 2016 & 2013, by Gannett Healthcare Group via Nurse.com
  • Deans Early Scholarship Award - University of Colorado August 2016
  • Caritas Coach - 2016
  • Certified On-Line Instructor - 2016
  • Certified Nephrology Nurse - 2011-2017
  • Certified Dialysis Nurse - 2001-2010
  • Nephrology Nursing Journal - Reviewer, 2015-2016
  • Sigma Theta Tau - Zeta Kappa at-large Chapter - 2015-2017 Vice President
  • American Nephrology Nurse Association, Education Advisory Committee Member 2010-2015
  • Grant Writing - 2015 for Henderson Community Block Grant (declined); Nevada Women's Philanthropy Grant (Declined) & Dignity Healthcare Grant (funded for $55,250)
  • Published "Barriers to Home Dialysis: Why Not Go Home?" Renal Business Today, July 2013
  • ANNA Fall symposium - 2013 Presenter: Multiple versus Emotional Intelligence in Dialysis Patient Education, Precepting and Education Depts
  • National Kidney Foundation Spring Conference 2012 - Presenter: Effective Home Visits: Functioning and Safety
  • Annual Dialysis Conference 2011 - Presenter: Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
  • ANNA Fall Conference 2010 - Presenter: Home Visits: Theory of Functional Assessment and Safety
  • Nevada Board of Nursing Education Advisory Committee Member - 2007-2010

  • Which classes do you teach online?

    NURS 408 Conceptual Bases of Nursing; NURS 409 Theory of Caring Science; NURS 411 Holistic Health Assessment; NURS 462 Caring in Nursing Communities.

  • What do you want students to take away from your classes? What do you want them to learn?

    The best teachers show you where to look but don't tell you what to see!

    Through discovery learning, you have the opportunity to be guided and get out of classes what effort you put into the learning, for personal and professional development.

  • What is the value of a BSN?

    A BSN allows the nurse to see the person behind the disease and how the integration of that individual in their families and communities, influences their ability to present with health and illness needs. BSN preparation allows the RN to attend to the larger picture of engaging a holistic focus on working with people, and use theoretical paradigms to guide caring and compassion to all, including self.

  • Why did you start teaching?

    Nursing is not simply the development of knowledge, in all its forms, but the sharing of ideas and evidence, to build a discipline that does not focus only on the technical skills, but to bring nurses back to the idea of giving and receiving relationships, where both grow from the interaction.

  • What advice would you give to nurses considering the online RN to BSN track?

    As a graduate of an online program, I believe that being open to learning new concepts and stretching yourself is important. You will get out of a program what you put into it. Allow yourself to see concepts from different specialties and application stand points.

  • Why are you interested in nursing? What drew you to this field?

    Nursing is an interactional process and I was drawn to being able to give. I have learned to receive as much as I give, emotionally and supportively. I wanted to emancipate those in vulnerable positions and change the downtrodden approach of those who needed empowerment.

  • What qualities make someone particularly successful in nursing?

    Nursing requires a fire in your belly, a passion, but also a cool, clear, head. It needs determination to overcome the emotional highs and lows, and persistence, patience, and love for self. Balance is crucial for the commitment to the life-long learning this profession demands.

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge that nurses face today?

    Removing the idea that nursing is routine and task-oriented, so that knowledge in all its forms are recognized for the contribution that they make to advance the definition of nursing in healthcare.

  • What is the one book you think everyone should read?

    You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh.

  • Tell us something your students may not know about you:

    I am a yoga instructor and teach at a domestic violence shelter as part of my commitment to community service.

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