Earning your bachelor’s degree through an online RN to BSN program is an efficient and enriching path. The convenience of online learning is well-known: you can do your schoolwork at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s no driving to campus at a specific time, so you don’t need to adjust your work schedule to your school schedule. You can even attend a school in a different time zone to achieve maximum flexibility and affordability.

While enrolled in an online RN to BSN program, you can immediately apply what you learn to your developing practice, and in turn let your day-to-day insights inform your studies. Not only will your new knowledge serve you on the job, when you tap into your experiences at work you will improve learning for you and your classmates.

From School to Work

The Nevada State College online RN to BSN program was designed especially for working nurses. For example, you may read a case study for the Holistic Health Assessment class that relates to one of your patients. With evidence-based practice, you may see an aspect of the case that wasn’t visible before. You can then bring this new information to the care team to adjust the treatment for this particular patient.

Nevada State online RN to BSN student Ashley Swarowski says, “I’ve been able to use everything I have learned at my job, and it’s made me a better nurse.”

From Work to School

The exchange of experience and new knowledge goes both ways. You may have a troublesome case at work that you would like to discuss with your peers. Because discussion boards are a large part of online learning, you can post thoughts and questions about your case to your classmates. They can, in turn, share their thoughts and experiences about similar situations. Swarowski says, “Everything I use for my work, I use for my school. If I have a situation come up at work, I discuss it at school.”

Another benefit of participating in online discussion boards is that you and your fellow students all have different levels of experience.

Emilee Ence, another online RN to BSN student at Nevada State, says, “We have opportunities to learn from each other. It’s been nice to interact with people from all different realms of nursing practice, and to have the opportunity to be exposed to so many different viewpoints and experiences.”

You can apply what you’re learning at your job and outside of work, too. Speaking of things she has learned while in the RN to BSN program, Ence says, “I have also been able to implement them into my practice at the hospital and in my personal life.”

Many of us feel our professional lives don’t improve until after graduation, but nurses in an RN to BSN program know otherwise. While continuing to care for patients, raise families, and handle everyday responsibilities, these nurses are putting what they learn into practice every day at work; they are also taking work back to school to help all students learn and grow.

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